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Dear Neighbor,

This is my second annual year-end update to the community to keep you informed of my efforts on your behalf. My agenda is to do all I can to help improve and empower our community and make sure that you and your family have an opportunity to do better.

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Since being sworn in to serve as your Houston Community College System (HCC) Trustee in January 2012, my focus has been student success and making sure that HCC was focused on being Our Communithoustoniansforjoin_form2.phphy College.


At my request the Board of Trustees has strengthened ethical standards at HCC. Family members of Trustees and high level administrators can no longer do business with HCC. This reform was passed by the Board of Trustees in 2012.


HCC has established a 6th and 9th Grade Pre-Admission Program. This was one of my priorities for ensuring An Opportunity To Do Better for more people in our community. Under the Pre-Admission Program, if a student graduates from High School with a 2.5 Grade Point Average (GPA) or better and stays out of trouble, HCC will help them with scholarship support, if they need it, to attend one of our six colleges. For more information on this program, please contact Dr. Charles Cook at (713)718-5040 or Charles.cook@hccs.edu.


I am still working with the Board of Trustees and administration to establish a multi-million dollar Tuition Waiver Scholarship Fund. Please let me and the other Trustees know if you support this effort.


Working with the Texas Legislature earlier this year, my effort to establish a Texas Academic College Scholarship Day, became a reality. (House Concurrent Resolution 40-2013 Regular Session.) On Saturday, May 3, 2014, HCC will celebrate the first Houston Academic College Scholarship Day at the HCC West Loop Campus. If you would like to support and participate in this effort to acknowledge and celebrate academic achievement among our young people and to thank the community organizations awarding college scholarships, please contact Sharon Wright at (713)718-5026 or Sharon.wright@hccs.edu .


HCC has bought over 9 acres of land at the corner of Highway 288 North and North MacGregor to build a Coleman College Medical Science and Technology Early College Charter High School. Dr. Betty Young, President of the HCC Coleman College, and I are also working on bringing 300 new high-tech healthcare jobs to Houston. I will have more information on these efforts in the coming months.


In 2014, my focus will remain student success and implementing the HCC 2012 Bond Program. At my suggestion, the Board of Trustees has established a Community Bond Oversight Committee to help us successfully implement the bond program. The District IV representative on the committee is Paul Charles, a past President of the Houston Chapter of the Black MBA Association.


Establishing an HCC Workforce and Entrepreneurship Institute to make it easier for the community to access the HCC workforce programs will also be a priority, especially in the areas of Energy and Health Care. I am also working on getting an Associate Degree in Entrepreneurship established to help educate more entrepreneurs and small business owners in our community, the backbone of a strong and growing local economy.


Establishing more Child Care facilities at HCC will also be a priority for helping more parents access higher education and career training opportunities at HCC.


I am also committed to working with the HCC Early Childhood Education Teacher Training Program and community organization to improve and expand early childhood education across our community.


I will also work on tripling the enrollment of the HCC Honors College. I am committed to promoting and celebrating academic achievement with the same level of effort and energy that now goes into celebrating and promoting athletic achievement.


Attracting more students to attend HCC, both locally and from across the world, will also be on my list of priorities for 2014.


Finally, to keep up the Progress at HCC, we need your help and attention. You have to help us be accountable to you and Our Community.

Together, we can continue to get things done.


Carroll G. Robinson

Standing for Houston

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Community leaders show their support for Carroll G. Robinson

  • Carroll is definitely the best choice for HCC. I support you all the way.
    Brandon Spaulding, Vice President, Cree8.it
  • Carroll has been a dear friend for many years. He knows the importance of a strong work ethic, persistence and intellectual integrity.
    Jane Cahill, Vice President Super Neighborhood Alliance
  • As a close friend and colleague, I have always known Carroll as the guy with all the innovative ideas. He really puts all his energy into everything that he does and his infectious personality is no doubt one of the reasons he is so well liked by others.
    Ada Edwards, Assistant Director for the City of Houston’s Department of Housing and Community Development
  • Carroll Robinson has redefined the political landscape of our community is smart and innovative. As an elected official he truly acts in the best interest of his constituents. He is a valuable asset to the city of Houston.
    Sue Lovell, Sue Lovell, Houston City Council, Position 2
  • I have seen Carroll when he is working to get something done that he believes in. He is relentless.
    Cynthia Cole, Executive Director, AFSCME, Local 1550

Empowering Houston's Future

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